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Ellison Glen

Vesta Home Show 2022

Drawing inspiration from the likes of A. Hays Town’s Louisiana architecture, we present to you Ellison Glen. The draw of a classic Acadian Cottage with iron French doors, oversized timber details and creole influenced full length shutters achieves a confluence of seemingly disparate yet elegantly balanced themes and forms. Other Town trademarks include the use of brick floors and interior embellishments as well as the heavy use of wood inside the home. 


This home combines all these classic details combined with today’s modern amenities. With 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths, there is comfortable space for the entire family.  The master and guest suite are on the first floor while the other two bedrooms encompass a gathering room on the second floor.  The home features state of the art smart appliances, security and a smart home technology system designed to support the full spectrum of home automation products and solutions.  The interior design, by B. Gaines Interior Design, presents layers of comfort with familiar textures, wood details, and classic fixtures in charming combinations throughout - blending old and new for a timeless respite.  At just over 4,500sf heated space this innovative home, designed by Conway Design Group, is proudly presented as our 2022 Vesta Home Show entry. 



Ellison Glen Design Book    

B. Gaines Interior Design Selections    

Conway Design Group Floorplan

Listed by Laura Clark, REALTOR


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